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Iziah Crawford


I grew up in the metro Atlanta area for over twenty years having moved here as a small child and I am absolutely in love with the Atlanta real estate market. The real estate market in Atlanta is diverse and has many opportunities for investors, potential homeowners, and homeowners looking to sell their home. I’m proud to be an affiliate with top notch real estate brokers and agents as well as the best lenders the Atlanta area has to offer. As a real estate consultant, I advise clients on various topics ranging from how to become a homeowner, how to establish good credit, how to invest into real estate and how to stop the foreclosure process. The brokers that I have established successful business partnerships with are investor friendly and can help advise you on how to create a seamless deal for your investment property. If you’re looking for a smart, driven, business savvy person to help guide you on path to all things real estate, I’m your guy!  

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